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Stolen Noah and the Whale equipment

On Monday night (23rd July), a white Transit van containing a large amount of Noah and the Whale’s equipment was stolen in Woodford Green, London.

All the cases have ‘Noah and the Whale’ white tour labels, also most cases are marked “NOAH” in six-inch high stencil lettering. Some also have gold marker pen lettering saying “NOAH AND THE WHALE” or “NATW”.

If you have any information, please contact

The stolen equipment:

Fender white relic telecaster with bigsby

Gibson black les paul custom

Gibson Hummingbird

1979 Guild 12string acoustic

1976 Gibson LP Gold Top Deluxe left/hand

1999 Fender Telecaster sunburst left/hand lollar p/ups

Fender Telecaster black left/hand lollar p/ups

1966 Fender P-Bass sunburst 

1967 Gibson EB3 fire damaged bass

1970s Gibson Grabber bass

1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1999 Gibson  Goldtone GA30

2006 Badcat Tonecat

1978 Ampeg SVT

Nord Stage 88

Nord Lead2X

Oxygen midi controller

1960s Raven Piano bass

Motu hybrid mk3 interface

Roland SPD-S

MacBook pro

MacBook pro

Yamaha MG102C portable mixer

Line6 G30 guitar wireless system                 x2

Zvex Distortron

Zvex Wooly mammoth

Big Muff PI original

Voodoo Labs power plus 2

Boss OD2 distortion

MXR bass octaver

Boss LS-2 line switcher

Boss TU2 tuner

Boss TU3 tuners                                          x 2

EH Holy grail reverb                                      x2

TC Helicon voice tone D1

Voodoo lab power plus 2.                             x2

Line 6 G30 wireless system                          x2

Boss TU2 tuners.                                          x2

Boss Fender 65 pedal

Macon OD9 overdrive

Custom audio boost line driver

MXR micro amp                                           

Line 6 DL4

Voodoo Lab power plus 2                             x2

Ernie Ball large Volume pedal

Boss TU2 Tuner

Ibanez LS9  tube screamer

Zvex fuzz factory

Divided by13 Dyna Ranger

MXR Stereo chorus

Line6 DL4

Power screamer HBE

Fulltone supertrem

Custom audio boost line driver

Yamaha PM5 mixing console

PM5 Power supply

Porter and Davies BC2 buttkicker

SJC 22 ” kick 12” rack tom 16”floor tom

Yamaha Mau Katche 14” snare

Dw9000 kick pedal

Dw  hi hat stand

Dw hardware , 

Zildjan hi hats, 16”crashx2 22 inch ride,  18 china

Various tambourines shakers sticks brushes

1893 Emmanuel Whitmarsh violin

Keyboard benches.                                        x2

Selection of keyboard stands                        x4 

20’ x15’  white backdrop with black sections

110v building site transformer

Peli case tool kit  soldering station and toolsD Gilchrist

Guitar tech case  tuners guitar tools D Gilchrist

Spares box strings tubes tape plectrums etc

Spare drum skins

Beta58a mic

Straight round base mic stand 

Tool case Matt Randall

All connecting cables, leads  etc

 2 custom monitor enclosures

Radial DIBoxes.   7 mono 1 stereo

Radial di rack with 4 DI units

5 sets of  moulded in ears

Guitar 6 way racks                                        x2